Letter from the President

Since 2009, Falls View Academy (FVA) has been committed to success through growth, helping all students reach their unique and full potential.  A lot has changed since 2009, and I am proud to say that, true to our original mission, FVA continues bringing enrichment opportunities to every student we serve today.

Focused on the music arts, FVA is unique as the only multidisciplinary private music academy in the southern part of Monroe County, NY.  Conveniently located in the heart of Mendon, in the Village of Honeoye Falls NY, FVA enjoys the benefits of wonderfully accessible location, a dedicated music faculty, a music-focused environment studios (not a living room), and a truly wonderful community of musicians.

Enough thanks cannot be given to our Music Director, Carol Tomaszewski.  Starting from scratch she and our instructors have transformed the music offering from a few students to one serving more than 50 students in Spring, 2017.  Ranging from piano, guitar, violin and voice, I can honestly say there is not a better place in our area for students of all skill levels to become part of a true music community.

Thank you also to the many families and their students who have been there since the beginning.  At the Spring, 2016 recital, I was moved to see how, in just a few years those inaugural students have achieved much success by growing their skills and confidence.   I was equally impressed and optimistic with the very youngest and newest students, whose teachers prepared them well for some of their first “live” performances.

Success through growth embodies our philosophy and our renewed focus on the music arts has allowed us to make that mission a reality.  We look forward to continued growth and serving that mission.

Ken Tomaszewski, Ph.D.
Head of Academy