FVA Team

Falls View Academy is built on the expertise and experience of leading education, public policy, and research professionals.  Our executive, administrative, instructional, and support staff includes individuals who have made it their life’s work to change the way education impacts our youth and our community.  At FVA we foster a collaborative work model.  All programs, services, and partnerships are executed through the collaboration of our multifaceted faculty and staff.  It is through such collaboration that FVA is able to deliver the highest quality of solutions.

Our executive and administrative teams include individuals with over 20 years of research, school administration, public policy, and educational programming experience.  These individuals also have a wide teaching expertise ranging from preschool to college academia, spanning almost all subject matter.  Our FVA leaders are well trained and proven in both theory and practice of their respective professional background and use these skill sets to better develop, implement, and lead all of our initiatives.

The FVA instructional and support staff make up the majority of the FVA team.  It is only after having undergone an extensive hiring process that an educator is approved to be a member of the larger FVA team.  Our instructional staff is comprised of educators with a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from traditional teachers, career changing educators, and retired education professionals.  FVA only hires state certified educators to lead its instruction.  Most of our instructors hold several certifications and have on average 6-12 years teaching experience, in addition to their graduate degree and other professional career experience.   Our instructional staff maintain certifications in reading, English language arts, mathematics, music, art, science, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, elementary education, secondary education, special education, ESL, TESOL, Spanish, French, Latin, with more being added regularly.  FVA also has on staff reading specialists, curriculum developers, speech pathologists, and other educational related therapists to better serve our students and families.  In addition, to their existing experience and certifications, FVA staff members regularly participate in professional development in both their primary and secondary positions.